Sunday, March 21, 2010

The USA's turning left this morning....

Listening to the Sunday morning talk shows there is so much deception being touted and promised it should put us all in need of seeking healthcare.

On the larger picture, this week, the hispanic coalitions are marching on Washington to promote immigration reform, which, according to the head of the congressional hispanic caucus, has declared that Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, has promised that such reform legislation will be taken up in April and passed by May. This reform includes, mainly, no deportation of anyone here illegally. Immigration processes need reformed. No doubt. It takes too long for those legitimately applying to get approved. Folks here illegally know they have broken our laws and need dealt with in the form of being sent back and required to reenter legally. Amnesty and voting rights and entitlement benefits are not the answer for folks who have cheated to get here. Don't believe me? They marched this morning, March 21, 2010. Harry Reid and the Democrats won't stop till they have completely changed this country.

That is one turn to the left.

Union Card Check legislation is going to be taken up right after healthcare debate is put away. No more democratic procedure for employees to choose whether or not to unionize. They must sign, thus giving their identity, their intentions to be pro union or not. What's next? We each sign and address with phone numbers our ballots in the polling booth under threat of fine and imprisonment? Don't laugh. That is not that far fetched. Look at the Census. There are fines and jail term regulations for not answering all the questions on the Census form sent to you. Never mind the Constitution simply says the Congress shall conduct a count of the population every ten years, the caveat being as the law stipulates. Its the people you cannot trust, not the laws.

A further turn to the left. Knowing everything about everyone all the time.

Cap and trade legislation to destroy and takeover the energy industries and force each of us to use and pay exorbitantly for our energy use and limit or to outright ban any attempts by an individual to generate their own, self sustaining energy. It will also determine your "carbon impact" and thus tax you as long as you live for every breath you take.

Another left turn. But yet, the turns are not far enough to bring us completely around. Only just farther left.

Another major turn to the left takes place today with the vote of the Healthcare legislation. Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz actually admitted, perhaps by slip of the tongue, on this morning's Fox Sunday Morning with Chris Wallace, when she said "healtcare Insurance reform needs and will be passed". And there you have it. There is no legislation to reform the cost and delivery of healthcare. It is simply yet another takeover and destruction of private insurance.

Another major step toward socialist reform of our democratic republic.

While all of us have ourselves or family benefitting from current Social Security and Medicare entitlements, these entitlements are going bankrupt. They are unsustainable and they are likely the chief reason how this country and its citizens are being seduced to believe and be apathetic to the leftist drumbeat that the government can and should be the provider and caretaker of its citizens.

The New Deal was the initial left turn dealt to this country. The Progressive movement cemented its place in society with that legislation. The Progressive movement is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. And I am also quite angry with the titles used by the left hiding their agendas while appearing to have Pro-American ideals. Be very wary of any group till you've checked them out. Be informed!

As healthcare legislation is passed, the line up of further left agendas is in a neat little list with a timeline to happen before the 2010 elections and drive the USA so far left and into socialism that unwinding it will be very difficult and be met with great resistance by our citizenry to "not change my benefits, but yes to reform other's benefits to bring solvency to the programs". This is impossible to achieve and will take real political courage to put through repeals and reforms that benefit our society as a whole, and not just the left or special interests.

Don't believe this? Read and listen. No real secrets being kept that the legislation is scheduled. The only secrets are the actual bills that confront these issues. The majority leadership is purposely invoking and using rules to keep legislation near secret as long as it can through the process. Even from its own members. Remember Nancy Pelosi's quote? "We must pass this bill so everyone knows what's in it." Perhaps she misstated. Perhaps not.

Capitalism is under attack and is today being mortally wounded. A very real effort to discourage entrepreneurship and personal achievement is the agenda of the left in this country and they have taken over the Democratic Party. Personal self sustainability is being deemed an extreme, right wing, bunker mentality, wacko idea. To be free to try and fail but to have equal ability to try and succeed is quickly being taxed and regulated out of the realm of possibility. The wealthy in this country will simply move to less hostile environs, thus leaving those of us not wealthy enough to fight the government nor able to pay the taxes to support the programs necessary to completely take care of all our citizens. We will then be able to say we are indentured servants of the Federal Government.

Now the Congressional Black Caucus is claiming Tea Partiers are being racist and violent. A few are misbehaving and are truly not a part of the Tea Party movement. We will extricate these idiots from the movement. But not surprisingly, I also expect to find they are plants by Acorn, Union organizations and the professional protesting left trying to stir up trouble in the usual fashion that the Left has since the 30s and again in the 60s. Destructive protests and riots has been their modus operandi. Acorn is going bankrupt according to a New York state report today. The left is beginning to panic. Their ideology is not the ideology of most citizens. And they know it. But at the end of the day, the loudest voices usually rule the day. Don't let it. VOTE! Attend a rally or protest. Work for a candidate who has the background and moral strength to fight against this leftist movement, no matter the party they sign on to. Look for and vote for folks that feel the way you do. And if they disappoint, vote them out the next election. That is, for the most part, the most we can do to make our voices heard. Civil disobedience is a tool we might choose to use. Folks will sacrifice. Rioting is not the answer. Bloodshed will not solve the problem. Getting active, being informed, being vigilant will cure our ills and bring us back to the freedoms this country was founded upon. And unashamedly, we were founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs with compassion that all may freely exercise the practice of their personal religions or atheism if they so choose. Not to ban religion or give favor to one religion.

Remember these points as we draw closer to the 2010 elections. Remember these points as you watch the looming legislative agenda come to light over the next few months. It is happening. One person can stop it if they courageously stand against those who wish to diminish our freedoms. You will not be alone. You will stand as one among millions. But you must choose to step out and be unique and fight for your freedoms.

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  1. Good post Russ! You are right on target with the way a lot of us feel. These are scarey times we live in. Stay vigilant!

    Joe S.