Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Remember This Day...

In the now immortal words of FDR, after that fateful day in 1941, "Today is a day that will live in infamy".

Remember this day, February 17, 2009.  Historians will trace our future problems back to this date.

This Recovery Act bill not only plunges all of us into a severe national debt that we may not recover from, but has in it social engineering and government control programs that we will not realize until two to five years from now of just how controlling these new programs and rules are on our daily lives.

All the talk of "alternative energy", yet not one word on aiding the individual to become energy self sufficient.  In fact, the "individual" is notably absent in this Recovery Act.  It is a direct bribe to businesses, state and local governments and vulnerable citizens to sacrifice the opportunity to succeed on their own and to abandon their uniqueness  and individuality.  I listened to the President's address before he signed the Recovery Act into law.  I heard everything concerned with huge public utilities, huge government, huge business, huge unions.  Nothing about how we can increase our stability and strength in individual achievement, innovation and investment.  It is all about the Federal Government calling the shots and everyone falling into line.

I now do fear what might happen come the anticipated April 15th.  I have heard many predictions concerning a crash on or about that date.  It is also clear now that 2009 is going to be a very rough financial year.  And that 2010 might see only the beginning of any true recovery.

We have far to fall as I am in the camp that believes our economy is not that bad but made to sound much worse than it is by our new President and the proponents of passing this bill.  It will also most likely come out that most of the proponents of this Recovery Act benefit in some manner with its passage - monetarily or with increased authority.  The coming storm will make the Clinton Impeachment and the Blagojevich scandal look like spring break misdemeanors.

Three-quarters of a trillion dollars is just asking for rampant corruption.

What's the answer?  Vote in two years.  Vote in four years.  Be careful who you choose, especially at your local levels.  But do not be afraid to vote for the unknown or a new candidate.  Do not let the temptation of senior representatives being good for your district cloud your reason to vote for a particular candidate.  This selfishness and the mindset that accompanies such thought is why we no longer trust our politicians or the Democratic or Republican parties and thus have created an industry of professional politicians, not representatives from our rank and file citizenry.

Beyond that, the answers are tough.  Save your money. Spend reasonably.  Prepare, prepare, prepare.  Prepare for an economic onslaught that none of us can imagine.  Prepare for the worst. Pray it never happens.  Pray for the best.

Believe in miracles.  Make those miracles happen YOURSELF!

Russ Wojtkiewicz

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good Grief!

In the immortal words of Ronnie Reagan, "Well, there you go again.."

And haven't they?!  And I'm talking each and every member of Congress who voted in the affirmative for the stimulus bill of $787 billion (yes, that is a B).  This one bill alone draws each census counted man, woman and child citizen another $2,623.34 into debt. the national debt.  I was wrong in an earlier email that it put each citizen over $2 billion each.  The math skills are not what they once were.

Most would agree that likely more could be done economically for the country by simply giving all this money out in direct payments rather than making millionaires of a few good ol' boy constituents through pork barrel projects or direct payoffs to targeted unions for delivering Democrat votes.

Or studying some damn furry little mouse outside of San Francisco.  I can't wait to read what other corruption is in the details within that 1,000 page bill.

Oh yeah, President Obama, I'm still waiting for your change in transparency and this bill to be on line at all, let alone your promised 48 hours before it is to be voted on.  Guess that went the way of your insistence that no lobbyists serve in your administration, uh.

Our country is headed for very rough times.  $2 Trillion and counting has been spent on a problem that isn't that big, that damaging, or that much of a crisis.  The restaurants (the good ones) are sold out for this Valentine's Day.  Good value retailers are reporting increased business.  Fuel is down, for now, thus allowing cost effective transport of materials.  It is not an economy in crisis.  But our Democrat controlled government is doing its best to turn it into a crisis.  Perhaps on the notion that they can then reverse what they've done or put a majority of us on welfare and thus claimed they are the party that has saved us.

And to insure this happens and Democrats stay in power?  White House Chief of Staff takeover of the Census.

Stay aware.  Become a sentry. Our freedoms are at risk at an accelerated pace.  The Republican party is on board with this though a few are finally getting a conscience and a backbone, but only after they were party to propagating this fiasco.

Pitchforks are being sharpened across the country.  Lanterns in the steeples are being prepared and gatherings in our local taverns by our real patriots is growing!  Achieving both economic stimulus for small businesses and bringing this country together!

The revolution begins with you.  The revolution begins with me.  The revolution begins here.

Vote. Vote. Vote!

Russ Wojtkiewicz

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to Platte Valley Politics

Welcome to my blog about politics titled "Platte Valley Politics".  I hope that valley is big, wide and long as this name was the one that was available and not really the one that better represents what I had in mind.  So, I guess I'll research my area geography and familiarize myself topographically with my area.  Too many in politics and those playing in it don't know the topography of the land they are traversing.  Most of us find the landscape too daunting and we simply reject exploring it let alone walking it regularly.

My first choice for a URL was Heartland Politics, but it was taken as was Midwest Politics.  I wanted the name and the URL to be the same for your ease to find and remember the blog's location.

I know, I'm already swimming upstream with the natural rules of politics - logical thought and action.

Get ready.  This is going to be the new site for Patriots to forge a new thinking - return to our roots from hence this country started.  Heatedly debated, hard won implementation of a set of rules to be self-governed.  My wish for this site is to become the modern day cyberspace equivalent of the colonial tavern  where ideas were flushed out and our passionate patriots assembled to begin first the resistance of tyranny and then the birth of a self-governed nation.

I have intentions and dreams of also operating a brick and mortar version.  Right - open a new business in the midst of an economic meltdown.  I have not boasted to actually have intelligence.  But I have been in business for 19 years and having a business fail is not daunting compared to seeing the ability for anyone in this country to open their own business become prohibitive - either economically or legally - because of the actions of our elected body politic of whom few exhibit real business sense or experience.

So, I've reached a goal.  Opening up my political blog.  I plan to open this to commentary from my readers.  But no anonymity will be allowed.  My name is on this.  So should yours.  No courage to identify yourself means no right to publish your thoughts and ideas.  No martyr ever went unknown.  No person affecting real change ever did so in anonymity.  Too many wish to operate in anonymity via the digital age.  Any wonder we've become so partisan and a litigiously vile society?  One exhibits their passion and determines the worth of the fight when facing your colleagues and rivals.  Just like those early Patriots in those cramped fellowship halls of the village taverns.

Russ Wojtkiewicz