Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to Platte Valley Politics

Welcome to my blog about politics titled "Platte Valley Politics".  I hope that valley is big, wide and long as this name was the one that was available and not really the one that better represents what I had in mind.  So, I guess I'll research my area geography and familiarize myself topographically with my area.  Too many in politics and those playing in it don't know the topography of the land they are traversing.  Most of us find the landscape too daunting and we simply reject exploring it let alone walking it regularly.

My first choice for a URL was Heartland Politics, but it was taken as was Midwest Politics.  I wanted the name and the URL to be the same for your ease to find and remember the blog's location.

I know, I'm already swimming upstream with the natural rules of politics - logical thought and action.

Get ready.  This is going to be the new site for Patriots to forge a new thinking - return to our roots from hence this country started.  Heatedly debated, hard won implementation of a set of rules to be self-governed.  My wish for this site is to become the modern day cyberspace equivalent of the colonial tavern  where ideas were flushed out and our passionate patriots assembled to begin first the resistance of tyranny and then the birth of a self-governed nation.

I have intentions and dreams of also operating a brick and mortar version.  Right - open a new business in the midst of an economic meltdown.  I have not boasted to actually have intelligence.  But I have been in business for 19 years and having a business fail is not daunting compared to seeing the ability for anyone in this country to open their own business become prohibitive - either economically or legally - because of the actions of our elected body politic of whom few exhibit real business sense or experience.

So, I've reached a goal.  Opening up my political blog.  I plan to open this to commentary from my readers.  But no anonymity will be allowed.  My name is on this.  So should yours.  No courage to identify yourself means no right to publish your thoughts and ideas.  No martyr ever went unknown.  No person affecting real change ever did so in anonymity.  Too many wish to operate in anonymity via the digital age.  Any wonder we've become so partisan and a litigiously vile society?  One exhibits their passion and determines the worth of the fight when facing your colleagues and rivals.  Just like those early Patriots in those cramped fellowship halls of the village taverns.

Russ Wojtkiewicz

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