Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good Grief!

In the immortal words of Ronnie Reagan, "Well, there you go again.."

And haven't they?!  And I'm talking each and every member of Congress who voted in the affirmative for the stimulus bill of $787 billion (yes, that is a B).  This one bill alone draws each census counted man, woman and child citizen another $2,623.34 into debt. the national debt.  I was wrong in an earlier email that it put each citizen over $2 billion each.  The math skills are not what they once were.

Most would agree that likely more could be done economically for the country by simply giving all this money out in direct payments rather than making millionaires of a few good ol' boy constituents through pork barrel projects or direct payoffs to targeted unions for delivering Democrat votes.

Or studying some damn furry little mouse outside of San Francisco.  I can't wait to read what other corruption is in the details within that 1,000 page bill.

Oh yeah, President Obama, I'm still waiting for your change in transparency and this bill to be on line at all, let alone your promised 48 hours before it is to be voted on.  Guess that went the way of your insistence that no lobbyists serve in your administration, uh.

Our country is headed for very rough times.  $2 Trillion and counting has been spent on a problem that isn't that big, that damaging, or that much of a crisis.  The restaurants (the good ones) are sold out for this Valentine's Day.  Good value retailers are reporting increased business.  Fuel is down, for now, thus allowing cost effective transport of materials.  It is not an economy in crisis.  But our Democrat controlled government is doing its best to turn it into a crisis.  Perhaps on the notion that they can then reverse what they've done or put a majority of us on welfare and thus claimed they are the party that has saved us.

And to insure this happens and Democrats stay in power?  White House Chief of Staff takeover of the Census.

Stay aware.  Become a sentry. Our freedoms are at risk at an accelerated pace.  The Republican party is on board with this though a few are finally getting a conscience and a backbone, but only after they were party to propagating this fiasco.

Pitchforks are being sharpened across the country.  Lanterns in the steeples are being prepared and gatherings in our local taverns by our real patriots is growing!  Achieving both economic stimulus for small businesses and bringing this country together!

The revolution begins with you.  The revolution begins with me.  The revolution begins here.

Vote. Vote. Vote!

Russ Wojtkiewicz

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