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Platte County, Missouri - March 25, 2014

“Walk-a-witz” to Start Walking Platte County

Perhaps the hardest part of his campaign to become presiding commissioner for Platte County, says Russ Wojtkiewicz, is fitting his name on to a yard sign. Once that is done, Russ looks forward to walking the county and helping residents pronounce his name--“Walk-a-witz”—well enough to find it on the ballot. 

On a more serious note, Russ has lived in Platte County for almost thirty years and owned a business here for more than twenty. As much as he has enjoyed the experience, Russ has become increasingly troubled by the county’s growing debt, unstable tax revenues, and a political culture that too often serves special interests at the expense of core functions. He is concerned too how the county will handle an unfunded, federally mandated, public safety communications system. 

At the heart of Wojtkiewicz’s campaign is the notion of “Respect”-- respect for the taxpayer, respect for the law, respect for the rights of states, respect for life, respect for property rights and respect for the integrity of Platte County citizens. 

This principle will guide Russ in his role as presiding commissioner as he works to eliminate unnecessary regulation, maximize tax revenues through growth, serve as a faithful steward of county resources, and streamline county government.

Russ is a longtime member of St. Therese Parish and the Knights of Columbus, a lifelong Republican, and a small business owner since 1990.  He has a son, Evan, in his junior year at Park Hill South.  Russ’ wife Beth was an elementary music teacher at St. Therese School until losing her battle with cancer in 2008.  

“I have learned many a useful lesson about love and life and work,” says Russ. “It is time to start sharing what I have learned.”

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